The purpose of the RIC is to provide a communication link between the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) and its customers with disabilities, advise GLTC on best practices regarding services to customers with disabilities and compliance with the ADA. This committee will also serve as a mechanism for on-going planning and development of GLTC’s complimentary ADA paratransit services.


The RIC will also provide a communication link between GLTC and its customers for the purpose of advisement regarding customer service practices and public transportation issues within GLTC’s service area. Assist in advising on policy issues for services regarding the interests of customers. RIC members act as ambassadors for GLTC service and bring comments about the customer experience to GLTC board members for improvements. RIC members may also be called upon, from time to time, to participate in projects that relate to GLTC services throughout the transit system.


The RIC does not exercise program management responsibilities and makes no decisions directly affecting the programs on which it provides advice. The GLTC board of directors may accept or reject a recommendation made by RIC members and is not bound to pursue any recommendation from RIC.